1. Where is my License Key?

Visit your account order page. From this page you can retrieve the product key. Your Order ID was displayed on the order confirmation page and emailed to the email address used during checkout. If you have lost record of your Order ID, please Contact Us and send us the Email Address used during checkout and we’ll help you locate your order.

2. How do I activate products?

Activation instructions can be found on respective website and the same procedure is used for both new activations as well as installation.

3. Invalid Key Why am I getting an Invalid Product Key error when activating product?

There are three common causes for this. If this is a new installation, it is often simply a typo when entering the Product Key into the software. If you already have Product installed, then most often there are two main causes. If you have a different edition already installed (e.g. you have Product Antivirus installed but you purchased Product Internet Security).

You will need to uninstall the edition that is installed and then install the new edition you have purchased. The other common cause is the version of Product you have installed is too old and needs to be updated. Once the product is updated to the latest version, enter your Product Key again.

4. Can I return product?”

No, you can’t. Please read refund policy.

5. Can I cancel order?

Yes, you can cancel an order if you haven’t received license key from us for ordered product otherwise you can’t.